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Domestic Duct Cleaning
Evaporative Cooler Maintenance
Commercial Duct Cleaning
Canopy and Fans
Filter Cleaning
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Domestic & Commercial Duct Cleaning

  • 15 years experience
  • Cleaning of Central Heating Systems
  • Systems Sanitized
  • Filters supplied
  • Duct Repair, Rodent or Animal Problems Resolved
  • Plant Room Cleaning
  • Coil Cleaning

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

  • Systems Cleaned & Chemically Dosed
  • Repairs and Maintenance

Restaurant Canopy, Filter & Fan Maintenance

  • Filter Cleaning Exchange program
  • Canopy Cleaning
  • Exhaust Systems Cleaned
  • Fan Repairs and Maintenance
  • Insurance and Health Reports

Commercial Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

  • Filter and Coil Cleaning
  • Plant Room Cleaning
  • Vents, Unit and Ducting Cleaned
  • Loose Fiberglass Insulation Stabilized
  • Bacterial Testing and Reporting
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